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Advertising Your Home

Have you ever wondered why that beautiful and well-kept house at the corner is still up for sale after almost six months? You’ve been there, asked around (no murders there), found the price reasonable, and yet … they have not…

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Tips For a Quick Home Sale

For a quick sale, you need to make your home look better than the competition. When I look through pictures of real estate online, I see so many pictures of messy rooms. People haven’t taken the time to even tidy…

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Save Money On Relocating

When you are moving, you are already spending a lot of extra money. It helps to know some tricks for saving some money. Then your moving expenditures will not be so great. One of the easiest ways to save money…

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Useful Tips for Buying a House

1. Determine your rights When you are ready to buy your own house, be sure you understand your rights as a homebuyer. Knowing the process of buying a house prevents you from getting scammed. You can personally do your home…

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23.2 Rai永久业权土地销售Chai Nat泰国 价格:6,900,000泰铢(价格可以协商)

23.2 Rai永久业权土地销售Chai Nat泰国 价格:6,900,000泰铢(价格可以协商) 美丽的大型永久地契土地-23.2 Ra位于主干道上的空置平地。很方便,安静的区域,但靠近当地的设施。土地和该地区拥有良好的灌溉系统,以确保防止洪水泛滥。 土地适合建造工厂,仓库或任何工业场所,也可用于住宅开发。 土地位置:5047 Tambon Der Yai,Amphoe Hankha,Chang Wat,Chai Nat 17130。 土地位置距曼谷约170公里。 关于Chai Nat Province Chai Nat是中部省份之一(泰国的省)。Chai Nat省是家庭的第二最佳选择目的地,低生活成本是非常理想的考虑因素。 它是树木和水稻农场的区域。 从曼谷到Chai Nat有带有空调的巴士。他们每天都从北巴士总站(Mo Chit 2)出发。 乘坐巴士前往Chai Nat大约需要3个小时。 Hankha区。该土地位于泰国中部Chai Nat省南部的Hankha区。 联系我们获取更多信息。 手机号号码:064 930 8654(仅限泰语)

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