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Moving Home – A Stressful Time

Moving home involves a lot of work. There are also a lot of financial considerations that people generally are not used to. Engaging a solicitor, arranging the mortgage, paying for bridging finance if it is necessary, seeking the best selling…

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Home Loan Calculator

If you are thinking about selling, buying or possibly refinancing your home, you’ve probably been doing a little research into mortgage rates. It is important to not only find a home in your price range, but also to obtain a…

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Renting Versus Buying A Home

Buying A Home

Renters are often in a quandary as to whether it makes sense to continue renting or buy a home. Buying a home makes more sense, particularly when taking a long-term view. Yes, even in the current hot real estate market.…

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Refinance Your Home to Buy Holiday Home

refinance home

Refinancing one property to buy another can be a shrewd move provided you’ve enough equity in your home. If you have ever considered buying a holiday home this could be a viable option for you. A method that has become…

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