Rates & Service For Landlords

Rates & Service For Landlords

Property Rental Commission Rates

Rental Commission (one off payment) – This is a Tenant finder service only.

1 Year Contract= ½ Month Rent Commission
2 Years Contract= 1 Month Rent Commission
3 Years Contract= 2 Month Rent Commission

For Example:

10,000 Thai Baht Per Month for your property rental

– 1 Year Contract= 5,000 Thai Baht
– 2 Years Contract= 10,000 Thai Baht
– 3 Years Contract= 20,000 Thai Baht


We’ll arrange everything from marketing your property to sourcing reliable tenants. Get the right tenant for your home with our team working to publicize your vacancy. We market our properties extensively across multiple platforms.

At Philkan.com we are passionate about helping our customers to maximise the value of their rental properties. We work with you to identify your unique challenges and we provide innovative solutions to help you succeed.


Why Choose Philkan?

Listing property with Philkan Real Estate Services means receiving the following benefits:

Experience • Integrity • Skill • Effectiveness • Advanced Techniques and Aids • Intimate Knowledge of the Marketplace • Financial Counsel and Assistance

So, there is something special about selecting Philkan Real Estate Services as your Letting Agent.  In addition, you should know about the many beneficial services you will also receive as part of our “Quality Personalized Service” program.


We have…

REPUTATION… We have one of the best business reputations in the Bangkok & Samut Prakarn Provinces.

PROFESSIONALISM… Our associates are all highly professional and well trained by career-oriented consultants.

EXPERIENCE… Our personalized service and record of excellence over the years have established a reputation of trust and fairness, which many of our clients have come to depend upon again and again.

LOCATIONS… Our sales offices are situated in Lat Krabang, so you can be assured that your Philkan Real Estate Services representative knows your neighborhood and the people in it.  Our staff, has loyal tenents in each area who are ready, willing and able to rent a home, which may very well be yours.

COMPUTERIZED MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE… This is to give the seller the widest exposure via computer-terminal technology.  In addition to our staff, your property will be exposed to over 1,000 participating global members.

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