Rates & Service For Property Sellers

Rates & Service For Property Sellers

Property Sales Commission Rates

We offer one of the most competitive rates in Bangkok and Samut Prakarn.  Our rate is  2% of Agreed Sales Price


For Example: If you property sells for  5 Million Thai Baht the commission rate would be:

2% of 5,000,000 = 100,000 Thai Baht  (Payable to agent).



Results Driven Marketing at Philkan Real Estate Services

As your Real Estate Agent, it is our job to understand your needs and respond to them promptly, professionally and with integrity.  It is our pledge to provide you with sound real estate advice, helping you to understand the wisdom of the decisions you make.

By being your local Real Estate Agent our relationship is built on trust.  Value and service will be provided before, during, and after the transaction, so that your changing needs are always addressed and satisfied.

It is not only my business philosophy, but also a commitment to provide you with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations.  Our practice is to listen, hear and truly understand your needs; a quality of business conduct that often seems to have been forgotten in today’s fast paced, highly automated society.

We are passionate about giving your listing the exposure it deserves, and harnessing the most effective tools to get it sold – quickly and at the best possible price and terms!

We’ve invested in the technology and powerful, targeted online marketing programs that attract qualified buyers, and have the know-how to make the Internet work for you.

  • As soon as your home is listed on philkan.com, your property’s details are automatically sent to all philkan.com members who are in the market for what you are offering.
  • Our automated buyer alerts mean your home is positioned in front of people who know what they are looking for, including qualified buyers and their Realtors.

Along with being featured here on philkan.com, your property will also get a listing on more than 150 other key, high-volume domestic and international websites.



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